20 days of silence

20 days of silence

I haven’t intentionally left you hanging. I’ve started many blog posts and haven’t finished any. Floundering yet again this year… I don’t know why I haven’t been very productive.  I think I have a lot to say, but then I start a post and after the first few sentences I figure out that I don’t. … Continue reading


OMG I’m so irritated You spew your lies all over the net and steal other people’s art and stories Your bullshit irritates me Have you ever had an original thought I’m sad that people believe your lies I’m concerned for them handing over their craft for you to steal. I wish you had a warning … Continue reading

Great Wall Buffet – Augusta ME

I haven’t had Chinese food in a while and while at writing group I figured I’d get some buffet to go from Great Wall Buffet. The first photo has Crab Rangoons, Mushrooms, Pork Dumplings, Chicken on a Stick, Chicken Wing, & Pork Ribs. Crab Rangoons were alright, not really too much crab, but crunchy. Mushrooms … Continue reading

What if…

How many times have you played that game with yourself?  So many can be listed by almost all of us. How far back would you go? Five years, 12 years, 20? Funny thing is that doing that would change who you are today. Do you like who you are today? Everything that has happened to … Continue reading